Identity Ink has a highly trained and certified installation team and offers our clients in-house graphic design whenever required.



Identity Ink sources the best and newest products for our clients. We can supply you with everything from ‘Write Away Film,’ which turns nearly any surface into a dry-erase board, to finishes that transform a concrete column into a marble focal point or an old metal cabinet into what appears to be old-world wooden furniture. These, along with vinyl wraps, decals, banners, laminates and signage of any kind make our shop your one stop.

We are also the first Architectural/Design Solutions Provider of 3M’s full line of products. This includes the DI-NOC, Fasara and Etch materials - new solutions that provide unique design opportunities at a price point to fit into any budget.

We are licensed providers of 3M, Avery and ORACAL vinyl products. Our staff is fully trained and certified by our suppliers to ensure the best performance of the products we offer you.

Write Away Film
Digital Films
Fleet / Vehicles
Board Signs